7 Things to Know When Starting a Gluten Free Lifestyle
Honestly, when I was diagnosed with a Wheat, Barley, etc. allergy (glutens), I thought it was the end of the world. 

I was devestated. 

I thought that I would never enjoy the things I loved again and that I was always going to be deprived. 

In reality, it took a lot of learning, but I eventually figured things out. :) 

1. Take a Moment to Grieve

You have lost a big part of your lifestyle and grieving is ok. What's not okay is being bitter. Grieve the loss and then get on with it. You dont want to have those feelings for ever weighing on you. 

2. Buckle Up

You have a LOT of learning to do. Making sure you read every ingredient list on the products you consume, learning where to dind gluten free foods and learning what arethe best out there is going to take time and that is ok. 

3. Find Your Support System

Know that this change takes time and having a support system is beneficial to your overall wellbeing. People that you can trust to do the same things you do (reading labels) and ones that will support you in eating what is best for you is vital to your success. If you have people who encourage you to eat gluten free when that donut is calling will help you keep safe! 

4. Cook Your Heart Out

You are going to have to start cooking your own meals. That doesnt mean every day you have to cook everything, but that does mean that cooking your own food will ensure you stay safe. 

5. Bring Your Own Food

You might have to start bringing your own food to events, or at least until your support system understands gluten free. Luckily, it has become very popular in recent days and most people know what gluten free is, even if it is just the basics. 

6. Gluten Can be in Everything

Shampoos, cosmetics, lotions, and more can have gluten containing ingredients. Make sure to look at your label with anything that is going to be in contact with your skin (your biggest organ). 

7. When in Doubt, Go Without

If you are unsure of the ingredients, then dont use it or have it.

Hope these help!


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