How NOT to go BROKE This Holiday Season
The holiday season is one of my favourite times of the year. But don't know know, all that magic means that I am prone to spending way more of my budget than I want! 

These few steps will help you not go broke this holiday season! 

  1. Create a Budget
    1. Set a spending limit on each aspect of Christmas (decorations, tree, food, gifts, etc.)
    2. Make a List and Check it Twice for all the items you want to purchase for the Holidays
    3. Add up what you have already spent and deduct from your budget
    4. Track your spending
    5. When you hit your target, you have hit your end of spending
  2. Follow Through
    1. This is easier said than done
    2. Make sure you follow through on your spending limits so that January isn’t so hard
    3. Make a promise to yourself that you will stop when you reached your limit
  3. Shop Early and Not Often
    1. Don’t go out if you don’t have a plan
    2. Without a plan you will spend more than you want
    3. Shop around as early as you can to ensure you are not emotionally purchasing right before the Holidays
    4. Stop shopping once you either a) got all you wanted or b) hit your limit
  4. Shop Around for the Best Deals
    1. Do research for the best deals before you go out to shop
    2. The internet is our friend and will tell you where to get the best deals for the items we want
    3. Use Honey for discounts codes to all your favourite retailers ( *referral code!
    4. Use Swagbucks for online shopping too ---get points to redeem for gift cards ( *referral code!
  5. Believe that this year is going to be different
    1. Know that you are doing your best no matter what happens
    2. If you believe that this year is going to be different, then it will!

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