Graduating university, I had $55,000 of debt (most of that was education-related) and, although I was in my dream job, it was a job that I was not allowed to make additional money! So, I had to figure out how to live within my means and how to tackle that debt without the premise everyone tells you to do -- make more money! Everything I read told me to ditch the job for something that made more, allowed you to hustle with part time jobs in the evening, etc. But this was the dream I worked towards for YEARS! 

So, I buckled down and within five years I paid all that down all while working a fairly lower income job! I wasn't rolling, I was just intentional with what I had. 

As a published author, I help empower professional women to eliminate debt and build successful financial portfolios so that they can achieve financial freedom and create generational wealth!

I have created a community of like-minded women who want to live life more deliberately and abundantly and I hope you join us for this wild ride!  

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