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Money Mistakes and How to Overcome Them
Did you know that most book collaborations cost upwards of $20,000?
Not this one!

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Money Mindsets and How to Overcome Them Book Collaboration!
Where we enable women to overcome thier money mistakes! 
We are so excited to announce the collaboration of the book Money Mistakes and How to Overcome Them! Thank you for your interest in applying.

We will have a collaboration of 12 authors who have made money mistakes in the past and they will discuss how they overcame those mistakes.

Please note the deadlines in this application and that there is a one-time investment.

We anticipate a number of applicants so please get your application in soon!

It is our intention to create a powerful platform to help impact those interested in the personal finance realm. We believe that this book will influence those that are currently struggling to empower them to overcome their money mistakes.

Why Should You Apply?
Great opportunity to GET PUBLISHED!
Recieve 10 COPIES of the book and the ability to GET MORE!
Professionally EDITED and DESIGNED Book!
Completed book by September 2022!
Who Am I?

Graduating university, I had $55,000 of debt (most of that was education-related) and, although I was in my dream job, it was a job that I was not allowed to make additional money! So, I had to figure out how to live within my means and how to tackle that debt without the premise everyone tells you to do -- make more money! Everything I read told me to ditch the job for something that made more, allowed you to hustle with part time jobs in the evening, etc. But this was the dream I worked towards for YEARS! 

So, I buckled down and within five years I paid all that down all while working a fairly lower income job! I wasn't rolling, I was just intentional with what I had. 

As a published author, I help empower professional women to eliminate debt and build successful financial portfolios so that they can achieve financial freedom and create generational wealth!

I have created a community of like-minded women who want to live life more deliberately and abundantly and I hope you join us for this wild ride!