How to Finance a Walt Disney World Vacation?
Some tips and tricks I learnt along the way!
In this video you will learn some Savings Challenges that I used to fund my Walt Disney World Vacation and some tricks I learnt along the way! 

We will also talk about how much you should save per person, per week and some tips to do BEFORE you leave!

Discover our two favourite savings methods below! 
$1 or $5 Challenge

In a set period of time (I did a year!), save every $1 bill (or coins!) and/or $5 bill you come across. This savings can really add up, so make sure to keep every bill separate for your Walt Disney World Vacation!
100 Envolope Challenge

Start by writing out the numbers 1-100 on individual envolopes. Each week that you recieve a paycheck, randomly pick out at least one envolope (more if you want to save faster!) and fill the envolope with the dollar amount written on the envolope. For example, if you pick the envolope number 47, then put $47 in that envolope.

By the time you finish, you will have $5,050 saved!